Telor Dadar Special


  • 4 eggs
  • fresh button mushrooms, use more if you love it like me!
  • chives - cut into 1 inch long
  • prawns - about 3/4 cup, wash de-shelled and de-veined
  • onions - cut into half rings or diced
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cooking oil


  • Break the eggs and using forks, mildly beat it up with salt and pepper.Put the pan on the stove, add in cooking oil just enough for stir-frying.
  • Stir fry the onion until golden brown. Add in prawns and mushrooms. Cook until the mushrooms soft and prawn almost cooked or half cooked.When you are done, pour the cooked prawn and mushrooms into the beaten eggs. Add in the chives. Mix well and pour it back into the hot pan and cook under low heat.
  • After one side is done, carefully flip it to the reverse side of the omellete. You've got to use a little bit of skill here. I normally do not successfully flip the omellette perfectly! But, hey! it's the taste that counts!


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